There are numerous situations where our leadership skills and ability to collaborate with colleagues as a team are of paramount importance.


For companies and management

The key

As leaders, we need to know what innate talents our employees have. We need to understand why those around us are motivated to use their abilities and how this manifests in a performance-driven environment.

By doing so, we gain insight into how we and our employees can be more successful, satisfied, and happier, resulting in a more successful, content, and happier organization. Who wouldn't want that?


We provide a unique measurement system to map and align your or your colleagues' natural talents, motivations, and behaviours in order to increase individual and organizational performance, success, and motivation. We make the invisible measurable with the intention of discovering the potential that can take us to the highest levels of performance and success.

What do the numbers show?

More than 85% of the surveyed people are unmotivated in their work,
42% are burnt out,
37% feel stuck in a dead-end,
45% are in the process of quitting their job and desperately looking for another one. (Harris Interactive Research) overcoming this is a challenging task for all leaders.

I’m here to help

Recognizing and leveraging the abilities of employees is the hidden asset of a company that, when properly motivated, can help the company grow and succeed. I can provide leaders with a motivational and a communication toolkit, as well as a user manual for colleagues, it’s just need to be implemented!

The higher someone's self-knowledge is, and the more authentic they are in using their natural talents, motivations, and behaviours, the more successful, satisfied, and happier they will be in their lives.

"Csilla helped me to „stay intact” during one of the biggest changes in my life. Although I determined the direction of the change but had a very difficult time processing, and probably could not have done it alone.
With Csilla's help, I became stronger, was able to hold onto the original direction, and now I am on a path of positive development. I am a pragmatic, practical, and logical person. I have worked in a multinational environment for more than 22 years, and Csilla's style and methods perfectly matched me. Everything happens within a clear methodology, everything has an understandable process, and properly combines science and intuition, reason and emotion. (...) 
I can only recommend Csilla; almost everyone needs external support because school does not teach us how to take care of our souls, and few parents and friends are capable of it. I already know how to direct, support, and care for myself. Thank you Csilla for everything and thank you for teaching me how to praise."

Coca- Cola Company Hungary Ltd. 

Péter Kerekes, managing director

“The organizational unit responsible for corporate clients at Magyar Telekom went through numerous transformations and restructuring in recent years. Experiencing these changes and seeking new motivations pose not only difficulties at the organizational level, but often at the individual level as well. Therefore, continuous support for colleagues is essential. Csilla has provided us with assistance on several occasions in this regard. Depending on the situation, she provided us with tools and methods to experience and go through collaboration and change at a more conscious level. As a management development expert, she also helped those colleagues who needed more time and attention to cope with the changes or to start anew. Thanks to Csilla's conscientious work, the organization has been functioning as a stable, cohesive community for nearly 15 years, and the internal satisfaction is reflected in the high level of satisfaction of corporate clients.”

Magyar Telekom Plc.

Ilona Takács,
Corporate Customer Support - Sector Leader

Management development

Number of sessions: 6-10, depending on the client's issue and areas for development
Duration: approximately 3 months

online or in-person, situational analysis, casual conversation to assess if I am the best choice for you

0. session

Personal Talent Profile (76 pages) and a 1.5-hour personal feedback conversation based on the assessment. Clarification of areas for development.

1. personal session

Targeted competence development discussions regarding personal talent ans self-awareness.

2-10. session

Online questionnaire 

About process

Designed for newly appointed leaders, entrepreneurs, as well as mid and senior-level executives who have some years of experience but have not yet participated in a comprehensive leadership development program, or who would like to complement and refresh their leadership skills.

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Increase self-awareness as a leader

Effectively lead and support team collaboration

Develop a solution-oriented mindset in the team

Have not yet participated in a leadership development program and would want to expand leadership skills

Activate internal resources

Learn about coaching leadership approach

Orsolya Frémont, operational manager

"The IMX test provided a surprisingly accurate personality description of me. The resulting evaluation and the discussion about it helped me become more aware of my strengths and areas for development, which I now pay more attention to in my leadership role. Csilla accompanied me on this journey with great empathy and attentiveness, and our conversation had a truly refreshing effect on me."

Wallis Motor Pest

Gyula Csermely Ph.D., Managing director

Rózsakert Medical Centre

"I was lucky to meet Csilla when I was in need of some mental support for myself and for our company. But what can I say, I am a fortunate person. In today's world, keeping a company on a growth trajectory is a serious challenge. The "work-out" led by her played a huge role in mobilizing my remaining inner strength. I was able to re-evaluate my achievements, appreciate my abilities, and dismiss the possibility of failure. Our company continues to develop. I cannot say that unfavourable external circumstances do not sometimes put pressure on me, but with another training session, I feel better again."

Anita Lovászi, NTBO leader

DHL Freight

We’ve had several sessions with Csilla, and I can confidently say that she is the best coach I have ever met. Not only is she a trainer, but her personality also makes her feel like a friend. She guides you to the right path based on her experience and tries to open up opportunities for change that give you direction when you feel unsure. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

You want to receive a thorough analysis of your talent, communication, behaviour or leadership style and in need of expert support for development.

You want individual development, not group consultation.

You want to significantly improve your communication and leadership competencies in a limited amount of time.

Improving and making your workplace relationships more effective is important to you.

You may need management development consulting if

You have a tight time frame and want an intensive program.

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On our first meeting, we'll get to know each other and talk. You'll tell me why and in what areas you are seeking help, and I'll explain what you need to know about coaching and the process, and how I can assist you. During our conversation, we'll both feel the space and sympathy that develops between us, and if the chemistry is right, we'll agree to a consultation process.

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