Viktória Farkas, Zürich

Cembra Money Bank AG
Head Governance & Simplification

I met Csilla at a point in time of my career when I was not entirely sure about the direction I should take and what my motivations are mid- to long-term. Working with her has helped me gain clarity on that. My goals as well as next steps crystallized thanks to her subtle guidance and support. Csilla is like a fine compass that leaders can reach for when faced with challenges on their professional journeys. I highly recommend her as a business coach. 

Hungarians living abroad


Gabriella Körmendi Szabó , Mexico

Business Coach
CEO / Marysol Travel & Real Estate
Founder of Divia Creation

Csilla's work and the experience of collaborating with her into words is difficult. It took me a while to gather my thoughts on how to succinctly convey the cathartic experience I felt after just one conversation. She provides a new perspective, casting things in a new light, gently yet firmly pointing out areas where the potential for growth emerges. At the same time, she supports with empathetic guidance throughout the journey. Csilla's professional knowledge and preparedness are outstanding, but so are her human qualities, which can elevate anyone to a new level who embarks on the rugged path of self-development. In her presence, one truly feels more talented, versatile, and capable. She provides the strength and energy, the loving support, yet an absolutely objective background from which one can truly bring out their best. My relationship with Csilla is multifaceted. On one hand, she's a very good friend, on the other, she's my mentor. For an entrepreneur like myself, whose life spans several countries and even continents, and whose businesses cover multiple areas, the sound guidance that Csilla provides, whether in a friendly conversation or during collaboration, is indispensable.
If fate has brought you together with her, be grateful and seize the opportunity! Because Csilla is extraordinary. With her help, you will undoubtedly be too!

László Krnacs, Zurich

Cembra Money Bank AG Lead Technology Platform Services

Innermetrix beats all other personality analyses!!

Although I have seen a bunch of similar personality and executive analyses, the depth and sophistication of this one is absolutely unique.

And I haven’t mentioned Csilla yet. Her professional experience is needed for interpreting and making the best use of all the data.

I am really grateful for having met Csilla, and for our cooperation to find “those lost pearls”. And the fact that I could experience all this in Hungarian, is priceless.

Dr. Tibor Tiboldi, Zürich

Executive Advisor at skyguide

I got familiar with Csilla’s work in the beginning of 2023, when I was attending a workshop facilitated by her in Zurich. It came to me as a surprise that the phrase “knowledge has no boundaries” proved to be valid in this field, as well. New energies, as well as new motivations were born at the right time and in the right place, in Zurich. Csilla has the ability to see the strengths of all the participants, and also the fields to be developed. Her method helped me to understand the grounds of “from where to where”. And later in one-to-one consultation we could get back to those fields needed to be activated by integrating my skills and competences.

Warmly recommended to anyone.

Thanks Csilla!

Tímea Feider, Zürich

If you could attend only one self-development workshop in your whole life, it should be the one with Csilla! Just forget everything else! Until you are not aware of your strengths, you have no idea about how efficient it can be to be aware of them. You give yourself a gift you can apply not only in your career but in all fields of your life: career, sport, private life, family, friendships, etc.

This is the meeting you have been waiting for, all your life. Meeting yourself, with the guidance of Csilla. I couldn’t even imagine a better company for this adventure.

And the analysis still makes me walking on air.

Thanks, Csilla!

Bodó Alexandra, Head of Financial Data Management


The first three words that come to mind about her:
Empathy, organization, open communication.
Csilla is a composed, superbly-presented, and friendly personality, making collaboration effortless. She strives to understand the thought processes occurring in people and sheds light on points that are extremely useful in various situations. Her personal examples greatly contribute to making her feel relatable, and it's always easier to connect with a particular story or experience. There are a few sentences/phrases that I still remember to this day, and I often remind myself of them in different situations.

Management development – Corporate consulting


Beatrix Fazekas-Varga, HR Manager Hungary & Slovenia & Croatia

Amgen Kft.

 „I met Csilla during a company training. From the beginning, she approached our colleagues with a highly professional attitude and an immense degree of empathy. During the individual feedback, her positive outlook on life, professional preparation and patience made the work easier. She helped us discover our inherent talent and the benefits of team diversity, as well as how we can work together more effectively. She was very inspirational throughout the whole collaboration, which gave even more energy to the team members, because we recognized our talents.”

Zsuzsanna Bódi, Director

European Network of Living Labs

„The collaboration with Csilla has provided help in many professional challenges over the years. She has transformed me from a seemingly hopeless situation into a confident and goal-oriented young female business leader.
Our meetings were enriched with a diversity of useful and practical methodological tools that helped developing my self-awareness. I was lucky to work with a very approachable, pleasant, and professional coach to build the future I desire.”

Ágnes Kemény, Director of HR

DHL Freight H Kft.

"We asked Csilla to support the team as part of a management development program. She approaches the problems and provides assistance for those in need in a very open and professional manner. I myself have also participated in several sessions that helped me to view problems from different perspectives. Csilla provides support with useful methods and great expertise, it was a pleasure to work with her both as an HR professional and during the coaching process!”

Zsolt Barta, CEO

La Femme magazin

 „A good mentor is both credible and empathetic. Credible, as their knowledge and professional experience has been honed through many years of practice. Empathetic because they hold a mirror when necessary and provide support when needed. Their sincere intention to help is what drives them. In the „50 Talented Young Hungarians” program, Csilla not only became a mentor for the talent assigned to her. Our conversations often provided me with a clue, a direction, and even faith when I needed it the most.”

Consultations for individuals 


Nikolett Szabó, lawyer

 „I needed help to find my way again as a mother of two small children and after three years of professional absence. Csilla helped me, whom I found through a recommendation from a friend. Already during the first conversation, I was captivated by her empathy, directness, and how accurately she understood my problem. During the conversations, my self-awareness became clearer, I learned to better utilize my positive traits and improve my weaknesses. Along with conscious work, the best feeling was that I felt like I got wings, I soared, and I could use my resources with great confidence in my everyday life, too. Csilla became my most competent professional help and my mentor, while helping me embark on a very exciting journey.”

Zsófia Kálnay, opera singer

 „I had the opportunity to work with Csilla Müller in La femme magazine’s 50 Talented Young Hungarians mentor program. It was a special gift because the knowledge I gained gives me confidence ever since. 

Our collaboration lasted more than a year, during which I was able to try methods that provide lifelong help in solving professional and other issues.
The conscious planning of my goals holds endless possibilities, whether it's material wealth or just maintaining a happy and balanced life. Thanks to Csilla, I learned to use the necessary tools to achieve them.
Once again, thank you!”

Krisztina Veréb, hairdresser

"I was completely lost when I met Csilla. I contacted her on the recommendation of a mutual friend, of course postponing the call for a long time. 
Procrastination used to be one of my very bad habits, and I’m happy to say that this is a thing of the past! 
During our first meeting already, I felt as if I was meeting a dear friend, to whom I have so much to tell. Each session was a realisation and a confirmation for me, helping me to move step by step along the path I had set for myself towards my goal.

 Thank you very much, Csilla!"

Tamás Ráki 

"Thanks again Csilla for the opportunity, and your trust. As I told my story and you as made me express my current situation, I felt like I was standing in the middle of a circle surrounded by my saboteurs. Your questions as guiding lights, turned my perspective to different angles, so that I could see the previously listed life situations from a new perspective and to perceive saboteurs as helpers. As soon as I felt that I could perceive my situation differently, I immediately felt positive emotions and saw new possibilities."

Zsuzsa Balázs - Szabó, solicitor

"Csilla is such a credible, sophisticated, enthusiastic, prepared, and motivational coach. She is exactly what I envisioned when searching for a coach. I love who I am when we finish our session. This is the most I can get. Thank you, Csilla❤"

ING Bank

Berni Simó 

"Her personality is positive and trustworthy. Right on our first meeting, I got a such well-rounded picture of myself that it lifted my spirits. Her work is characterised by complete attention and proactivity. Thanks to her accuracy, I was given a map to myself that helped me to see my strengths clearly. She guides me through my decisions and her quick reactions keep me on track. Her sessions are so joyful, I feel like being on a swing. My wavering thoughts soar, but the end result is the secure stability of the ground."

Melinda Zatykó Szilvia 

"Dear Csilla, 

Your professionalism and personality together showed that the best decision was to choose you to build a new phase - abroad - in my life.
Both your guidelines and your assignments, which bring me closer to myself and to my desired goal, work flawlessly.

'Every day is a new day!' this has a new meaning because of you, because every day I pay attention to what you taught - the strengths - that lie within me and come to the surface with your help. I appreciate my fate that we could 'work' together."

Bath, United Kingdom

Career councelling


Gabriella Csillag 

Csillag Gabriella interior design studio

"Authenticity is important to me in all areas! I found Csilla on the Internet. I liked her website, I liked the WOMAN! I felt that I had to meet her!

She proved that what she stands for is real. Thanks to her balanced personality and kindness, shortly after we’ve met, I was able to open up and talk honestly about my fears

I loved working with him. His gentle guidance and great empathy always helped in the right way to solve the emerging problem in the most efficient way. His strength is inquisitive attention. Because it's not enough to listen, you also have to hear.

Csilla transforms it in such a way that you don't even notice it, but your life changes in the process.

Today I am on the path I dreamed of in his office, with his caress!


Komlósy Csongor

Enterprise Architect

„I first worked with Csilla within a corporate framework at IT Services Hungary. At that time, she and her colleagues helped building and developing our newly-formed management team. After spending a year away from work and living abroad, I contacted Csilla and asked for her advice on consciously developing my career.

Using Csilla's wide range of coaching tools, I was able to recognize my talents, which I now consciously use in my daily work and career building. During our collaboration, I receive a lot of energy and positive feedback from her. She often draws my attention to valuable aspects of my personality that I previously overlooked or considered insignificant.

Dear Csilla, thank you for helping me find the best job in the world for me."

Dániel Fodor, CEO & Co-owner

The Office of the Year Ltd.

I have had a lot of coaching sessions and filled out numerous assessments throughout my career, but I have never encountered such in-depth and professional material. Csilla's assessment has shed completely new light on me as a person and as a leader. Learning all of this about myself can have an impact on every aspect of my life and can help others understand me better. With Csilla's tremendous enthusiasm and professionalism, she has greatly assisted me in understanding the results and finding the essence in them. We will definitely have all of our leadership team undergo this assessment.

Self-awareness coaching


Katalin Várdi M.D.


Katalin Várdi M.D.

"I went to Müller Csilla when I was a bit lost in the labyrinth of my career path. I completed the test with the enthusiasm of knowing that I’m on the right path there was nothing new to tell me. I believed I knew the solution for my future; I have been working for 32 years, in various positions and situations, and I though there won’t be too many surprising turns ahead. 

I completed the test based on intuition, more out of honest curiosity than with the intention of seeking help since I thought I had put my new life on the right track. I arrived with a printed and reviewed test result with known positive and slightly surprising outcomes.

At first, I just arrived. Csilla helped me leave the routine and the fatigue behind, making it easy for me to be open and immerse myself in a world where there are not only expectations, but also opportunities to fulfil ourselves.

Then she asked me. A lot and intelligently. I can even say that the questions took me to a different dimension. But the most important thing was her sincere attention. It was the total attention that set me on the path of thinking.

When I arrived, I was like a tourist who cannot see the exit path in the dense forest. I always hoped to be heading in the right direction. But Csilla took me by the hand with her questions, took me up to the lookout tower, and showed me around. With her attention, I saw many paths, including the one that leads in the direction I want to go.
Working together was a great experience."

Dr János Tomka PhD,
founder and professor 

KPMG-BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Academy és Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church

„I first came across Innermetrix profiles a few years ago and found them very innovative, deep, and accurate. During a challenging period, I asked Csilla Müller to have the employees of KPMG Academy complete the profiles, discuss their personal results with them, and make suggestions for individual and group development.

Csilla performed her work with great expertise, deep empathy, and wisdom, providing real help for individual and collective next steps.”

Bernadett Lindner 

"Reading through my assessment and consulting with Csilla, I fully recognized myself and received a key to live more balanced and be more efficient at my job, personal life, and in my everyday life in general.
It's like a user manual for myself, which I can refer to throughout my entire life, and it will enrich me with many recognitions and understandings about myself, especially in situations or life circumstances that I may not have understood before.

Thank you! ☺ "

Focus and Solution Consultation 


Frigyes Hollósi 

Focus and Solution Consultation 

"I find solution consultation to be perhaps the most effective and useful method for me. I often deliberately mix business and personal goals in the selection process, and it works well for me, in fact, it is particularly useful because the two topics almost always affect each other.

The end result always speaks for itself, almost without exception it reinforces the fact that tasks that seem postponable, but still bugging me in my subconscious, can be solved really quickly, while things that were considered important don’t actually interest me and are only a waste of time.

The reason I recommend it to anyone is primarily the feeling I get when I can take the first steps towards my truly important goals in just moments, but perhaps even more uplifting is when I look back on the results of previous prioritizations even years later and realize that the previous goals have become a reality since then, while the insignificant ones have sunk into complete obscurity without any bad feelings."

Kata Török 

Kangen Distributor

Kata Török 
"I had the privilege today to experience what it's like to have a real professional helping me to look at my current life situation, goals, and obstacles. In just 1.5 hours, Csilla worked wonders with 8 post-it notes, her kind but concrete questions, and her infinite patience. No matter how hard I try to be conscious in my daily life and know where I'm headed, what my goals are, there will always be things where I do need external help. Today's session superbly proved that with a good professional and a good technique, one can easily tidy up their mind, organize things, and see clearly what to focus on and what not to. The work still remains mine, but it's a huge help to see where I am, where I need to develop, and what the priorities are. I received a professional but infinitely kind and human attitude that creates an atmosphere where you can be honest with yourself and with Csilla.
I highly recommend her from the bottom of my heart."

Török Móni

Beauty & Crystal consultant 

"For several years It has been a tradition for me to start the year with coaching with Csilla, and we regularly hold inspirational afternoons where we plan the year and brainstorm together. She helps a lot not only with her professional knowledge, but also with her kind and positive personality, making it easy for me to achieve my goals.
Thank you for the many motivating conversations, I highly recommend to anyone who needs a supportive coach in their career or vocation, working with her is one of the best investments in ourselves."