During leadership development-focused consultations, objective approaches and scientific foundations are just as important as empathetic and trust-building atmospheres.

What’s Your Genius™

Our study conducted for 7 years in 25 countries worldwide, involving 197,000 people, is the confirmation and foundation of what Innermetrix talks about. Everyone is capable of achieving peak performance, job satisfaction, and daily happiness, as everyone has talents that just need to be recognized and used properly.

The ADVanced Insights Profile is a combination of three world-class profiles. The "A" stands for Attribute Index, which shows how one thinks and makes decisions. The "D" stands for DISC Index, which measures one's natural behavioural style, and the "V" stands for Values Index, which provides insight into one's motivation and driving forces. Together, they provide answers to the questions of What? Why? and How?

What is your natural talent?

What motivates you to use this talent?

How do you represent this to the outside world?

ADVanced Insights Profile


Attribute- Index™ 

This tool is Innermetrix's greatest achievement. It is completely unique in the global market and is one of the most extensively researched diagnostic tools in the world. Its features provide unparalleled opportunities for consultants in their identification activities during management development. With this tool, we NOT only get answers to the HOW, which is known from other tests and based solely on behaviour, but also to the WHY (Why are we like this?). The Attribute Index has been deemed valid through 28 individual and 19 separate validation studies conducted over 20 years.

The Attribute Index meets the requirements for diagnostic tools set by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the strict standards for employment testing set by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Its validity has been proven in areas such as construct validity, face validity, predictive validity, and concurrent validity. Additionally, further ongoing research supports the unique value of this Business Tool.

IMX Talent Index 

What is your natural talent?

Based on the Formal Axiology of Professor Robert Hartman, this report aims to understand how people evaluate their environment and the factors that collectively influence their decisions.
Interpreting the report shows your current level of self-confidence, role awareness, and self-direction, ultimately influencing overall performance.

IMX Value Index

What motivates you? 

The scientific background behind this report is based on the work of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport, which relates to the value orientation and beliefs of people that greatly influence their behaviour. It provides insights into what drives and motivates you in the long run, or what triggers passion in you.


How do you represent your talent to the outside world?

Dr. William Marston's work on human behaviour and how we tend to act. With knowledge of the report, we can understand our natural and adaptive styles. Being aware of this information helps us identify our behavioural strengths, the areas for development, and more easily shape the ideal work environment where we can minimize stress in order to develop our performance.

Mohácsi Györgyi

Generali, Head of HR Business Partner & Organizational Design

Csilla's professional approach sparks the curiosity of even the most sceptical leaders towards leadership development. She challenged me where I needed it the most, and encouraged me to overcome the limitations that were holding me back. Her positive and caring leadership style created an open and honest atmosphere, and inspired excellence. Her coaching sessions had a significant impact on both my personal and professional life

Personal – how do the individuals in your organization feel?

Employee Alignment – is everyone driving for results and profits? 

Personnel – how effectively do you lead people?

Team Effectiveness – how strong are your teams?

Leadership – how trusted and inspiring is your leadership?

Strategy & Planning – how comprehensive and secure is your strategy?

Customer Service – how loyal are your customers?

Sales & Marketing – does your pitch resonate and do your people sell?

Operations – do you run efficient and quality operations?

Management – how effectively do you manage things?

The Innermetrix approach is a comprehensive consulting process. We break down and examine complex corporate structures into 11 central competence areas that operate independently but interact with each other.
Through a health assessment, we can precisely identify the areas where organizational health can be improved by implementing development measures.

OHC Organizational Health Checkup

Cultural – how cohesive and beneficial is your culture?

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