The programs offer goal-oriented, effective, and personalized methods for individuals, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Building on the present and asking questions that shed light on new perspectives, reframing situations using targeted tools. A supportive, empathetic environment where you are in the focus, where you the space and time to articulate your thoughts, enabling you to clarify your ideas and move towards finding solutions.

For businesses and individuals 

You want to tap into your potential while also relieving yourself of burden

You want to become more confident and self-assured. 

You want to work in a job that best fits your natural talents, motivation, and behavior. 

You want to achieve results at your own pace within a reasonable amount of time. 

You want to learn to say "no" more often. 

You want to regain lost motivation. 

You want to see your roles and goals in life more clearly.

You are in the right place

if any of the following statements apply to you...

Are you ready? 

Müller Csilla

Let's make an appointment!

Let's get to know each other during a first free consultation! We'll discuss what support you need and I'll tell you how I can help you on your path to personal development.

On our first meeting, we'll get to know each other and talk. You'll tell me why and in what areas you are seeking help, and I'll explain what you need to know about coaching and the process, and how I can assist you. During our conversation, we'll both feel the space and sympathy that develops between us, and if the chemistry is right, we'll agree to a consultation process.

Introduction and informal conversation to get to know each other (online or in-person). We will assess whether I am the right fit for you.

Personal Talent - Self-awareness package

Duration: 2 months, 3 sessions
Suitable for those who are just starting their careers!

0. meeting

1. session

Focused competency development discussions on personal talent and self-awareness topics. Crafting a talent statement.

2-3. session

Completion of an online questionnaire

Personal Talent Profile (76 pages) + 1.5-hour personal feedback discussion based on the report. Identifying areas for potential development.

"Anyone who has met Csilla knows that she is an extraordinary person and a brilliant personality. Working with her brings joy, peace, and support to leaders in their leadership loneliness. Since we have been working together, we have started to see the areas that need improvement and have jointly developed solutions that me and my company needed the most."

Hlatky-Schlichter Hubert

Kiosk, owner - founder

"Csilla with her tremendous empathy, endless patience, and knowledge, opens up even the most complicated personalities, awakens them, and helps them understand themselves, the world, and the reasons around them. Anyone who turns to her becomes a better person, and I also understand better how to fit that person into the team so that he/she can truly live up to his/her strengths."

Péter Gönczi

Head of Team R&D, Professional Lead, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary

"I found Csilla through a recommendation. During our first meetings, we quickly got on the same wavelength and formulated the goal of our collaboration. Csilla is an internationally accredited Innermetrix consultant. I was familiar with the Innermetrix method - I participated in a survey a few years ago, but at that time I was in a different life situation, and I did not receive full support in the evaluation - now, in a very deep analytical conversation, Csilla led me through the results. She conveyed the knowledge clearly and supported the different behavioural forms with her own experiential examples for better understanding. With her empathetic approach, she led the meeting, where 3 hours flew by without us even realizing it. I recommend Csilla and the Innermetrix personality diagnostics to anyone who wants to deepen their self-awareness and gain a better understanding of their own functioning. It's a great adventure 😊."

Ildikó Juhász

ING Bank, igazgató

 „I had the opportunity to work with Csilla Müller in La femme magazine’s 50 Talented Young Hungarians mentor program. It was a special gift because the knowledge I gained gives me confidence ever since. 
Our collaboration lasted more than a year, during which I was able to try methods that provide lifelong help in solving professional and other issues. The conscious planning of my goals holds endless possibilities, whether it's material wealth or just maintaining a happy and balanced life. Thanks to Csilla, I learned to use the necessary tools to achieve them.
Once again, thank you!”

Zsófia Kálnay


You will have a much greater self-awareness (objectively) 

You will be aware of your talents and strengths 

You will be aware of your communication preferences 

You will be much more effective in several areas of life 

Your performance will improve 

You will know what areas you need to develop 

You will know what your ideal work environment looks like

Your self-confidence will strengthen.

At the end of the process

Career Counselling Package 

Personal Talent Profile (76 pages) + 5 sessions
Duration: approx. 3 months

Initial meeting for getting to know each other and assessing the situation

76-page Talent ADV report + 1.5-hour feedback discussion

4 additional sessions focused on your career

Identification of areas for development, setting goals, discovering your potential and resources, identifying limiting thought patterns, reframing, and creating an action plan

With over 10 years of experience, I offer focus and empathy in a supportive environment

Meetings will be held every 2 weeks until the end of the process.

This is what I need

This program is for you if

You are a young professional starting your career 

You feel stuck in your current career. 

You have not been able to pursue or achieve your dreams. 

You want to start something new, start a business, or change jobs. 

You want to make a change in your current job.

You feel unmotivated.

You experience anxiety at work or due to your colleagues' behaviour.

You have a secure position but are afraid to move forward.

I need this

Solution consultation 

1 session - 1.5 hours 

Using the solution-focused brief coaching methodology, we focus on solutions in the topic you bring, not on obstacles. We widen your possibilities, identify your resources, and create an action plan. It is a quick and efficient method with immediate results.

Brief coaching is a focused and efficient approach that keeps the focus on the goal and the next steps to be taken, and significant progress can be achieved even after just one session. It enables easy and effortless change.

 In solution-focused coaching, there is no thematic boundary: the tools of brief coaching can be used to address both personal and professional challenges. 

What makes this method unique is that it focuses on resources, opportunities, and small steps that can help move forward, rather than problems and difficulties, to help you find the most suitable direction and solutions.

"Active listening, empathy, creativity, and the art of questioning are crucial for me. At one point in my life, I turned to Csilla to clarify my vision for the future. As a public figure, I find it difficult to open up, but she quickly found the key to me. With her questions, I was able to articulate my own answers. That's the essence of coaching. I also use this approach in my own profession, but sitting down and talking with her was an excellent solution on my own journey, and what I expressed during our conversation has since often come to mind, strengthening and supporting me."

Nóra Szily

Psychologist, journalist 

"Csilla's personality immediately inspired trust in me during our first meeting. Every session with her is very useful for me because I enrich myself with a new important recognition every time. Csilla helps me find the most suitable way for me to achieve my goals. Since we started working together, I am more productive and determined."

Máté Gregus


"Csilla helped me to better manage and structure my time and life, because I often felt lost between my personal life, work, children, and sports. She gave me confidence and with simple tasks, she showed me how to not get overwhelmed, but to simply better organize my time, making everything much easier! These "tasks" have become part of my everyday life and I am able to bring out the best in myself in all areas much more smoothly."

Spuriga Dóra

owner, pöttyö

"I pay close attention to my intuitions and follow them, but fundamentally, I am a rational person who doesn't believe in miracles. Yet, one day I "found" a Ferrari in the garage. Supposedly, it had been parked there all along, but I had never seen it before. It's hard for me to imagine that there's any connection, but we had a good conversation with Csilla beforehand about the big things in life, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem, and so on. But regardless, it's definitely worth a try. And not just because of the Ferrari..."

András Ágai Kiss 

Sports reporter, TV host 

Focus consultation 

1 session - 1.5 hours

When? When there is too much to do, too many thoughts, and tasks to be solved flood your mind. A quick and effective method for instant clarity, 1 session clears up your thoughts and goals.