Professional and personal growth. 

I support middle and upper-level managers, business owners, and talented individuals who feel stuck in their careers and lives to rediscover their goals, passion, and enthusiasm. I help them become even better leaders and happier people.

When you don't know what's missing...

I am committed to support and inspire others!

I help recognize and redesign your existing but unidentified hidden reserves. I work in a diagnostic and developmental environment that enables us to gain rare and exclusive knowledge. 

My expertise is talent-based approach and its associated development. I believe in continuous improvement and that talent lies within everyone - it just needs to be brought to the surface.

Müller Csilla, vezetőfejlesztő-tanácsadó

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I work with successful and professionally recognized, talented people - who want more.

Do you feel like something is missing, but you don't know what it is? 

Are you full of hidden resources, but don't know how to bring them to the surface? 

Do you want to gain higher self-awareness to get the most out of yourself?

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 „In the past ten years, I have trained hundreds of coaches. Csilla Müller chose this training as the first step in her consulting career. In every case, for quality assurance reasons, we conduct a pre-screening, even for highly experienced colleagues. In this analysis, Csilla showed such convincing values in terms of the talents and motivations required for coaching that I immediately decided to accept her application. More than 10 years have passed, and it is a great pleasure to see that she has fulfilled our trust at every level. She has developed herself with incredible diligence and perseverance. We have worked together on dozens of projects, in which she was always reliable and well-prepared. Her empathy and reassuring presence have been an advantage even in the most difficult cases. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who wants a trustworthy supporter by their side, whether alone or in a team.” 

Malchiner Maximilian Péter

You are more!™,  Coach-Speaker-Author


 „Müller Csilla's coaching program helped our managers to develop their self-awareness, stress and conflict management, compromise, respect and result-oriented leadership behaviour. The financial and employee feedback we received confirms the program's success in developing these competencies, making every penny invested in the program a worthwhile investment.”

Zoltán Gáldi 

Managing director, DHL Freight Hungary


"We have worked with Csilla both individually and as a team, and in both cases, the process has brought about very positive changes. On one hand, it is easier to make decisions when you are aware of your own strengths, on the other hand, the team works more efficiently if it receives some guidance from an external helper. During group coaching, Csilla's method is like a conductor coordinating an orchestra or a as if a good coach would give clear instructions to the team members on the soccer field. If the goals are clear, then everyone knows why they are working."

Rita Hajagos 

Managing Partner, Red Lemon Media


„Csilla's coaching program provided great assistance in re-energizing our leadership team, who have been „fighting” together for 10 years. She held up a mirror to both my fellow directors and me, helping us recognize our strengths upon which we could build, as well as clearly showing us our areas for development. Her unwavering positivity, cheerfulness, and optimistic attitude greatly supported us in opening up and talking honestly about problems and the path to growth. Perhaps it's no coincidence that the program became longer and more comprehensive than originally planned, with a wider range of participants,..."

Péter Antal 

Ügyvezető igazgató, Wallis Motor Pest, Wallis Motor Duna 


„Coaching is a personalized "training" method, a harmonious collaboration, and learning at your own pace with Csilla. It involves uncovering and consciously using your own resources.
I recommend Csilla as a coach to anyone who aims to find, understand and utilize the unique combination of personal talents inherent in everyone.”

Zsuzsanna Kamarás 

HR Director, Provident Financial Ltd. 


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IMX ADV Talent report

Methodology we work with

We can support the corporate diagnosis and leadership development process with the most comprehensive psychometric and value-metric diagnostic toolkit and expertise on the market today. These insights always end with a positive result, as there is no "good" or "bad" profile. We are all unique and different.


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